The Las Palomas Apartment Air Conditioner

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The interior of every apartment is cooled by the Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner leading to the experience of comfort and value, and enhancing a sense of serenity, self-worth and security for you and your guests.


The Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner ensures a high level of sustained coolness in the rooms, with each apartment having the capability to independently control the degree of coolness.

The Las Palomas Apartment can provide both heating and cooling functions, by integrating the internal structures and components of the apartment complex system.

Equipped with variable refrigerant technology of inverter series that meets the customer needs better in various indoor unit types, the Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner features the ceiling-mounted round flow cassette air conditioner, with its uniform 360-degree airflow, enabling a uniform temperature distribution and enhanced comfort.

The open floor plans allow you easy and unhampered access from the living room to the kitchen to the dining area and back to the living area in the Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner providing better distribution of cooled air. You also enjoy staying at the fitness center, the lobby and concierge, including inside the main office of the Las Palomas Apartment.

With an efficient cooling system, you can experience to the full satisfaction the comfort, convenience and serenity of a person-friendly urban apartment community of Las Palomas where you can live your life to the fullest. A clean cooling system encourages and inspires every resident towards a greater productivity in their daily stay at the apartment.

As a result of the clean cool air brought to the apartment by Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner, there’s no sweat cooking in the kitchen with a host of equipment and kitchen utensils found inside those attractive wall cabinets and vaults.

Whether the apartment style or floor plan is that of a Studio one bedroom, one bath apartment or two-bedroom with 1-bath apartment, the cooling effect remains the same due to the energy-efficient apartment design and the Las Palomas Apartment air conditioner.

It’s like living in a luxury hotel as you enjoy the beauty and functionality of cool air conditioning, granite countertops at the kitchen, and the ceramic-tiled bathrooms, adding glitter to your luxury living lifestyle.

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